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My family has had a cancer row but it always skipped a generation and my great grandmother passed last year from cancer. Blood bright red to darker red but not dark like black. Large amount of anal blood loss with large jelly like clots dark red to black hospital say a tear in bowel. I am now considering talking to my doctor about it. This is begining to worry me pls what do I do about it. Sexy hot babe first time sex on camera.

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I was taking a shower i fainted and all this blood clots came out like a big pile.

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I have been bleeding for a while now evrytime I wipe my bottom end I fill backpain at times I realy do need help I'm worried. Have been bleeding for 2 weeks now. I'm 5 months pregnant so constipation is no worry for me but today when I attempted to use the restroom I did my business and as I went to wipe I felt a lump on the toilet paper. Then I ended up in hospital so they could have a look with a camera,not the best way to spend the day but now I know what I have got and I know I am not going to drop dead so I dont worry any more and thats a lot of my mind. See About our site for our moderation policy.

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