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But when she gets bitten by a vampire and turned, she is then cast aside, much like losing your virginity and then having someone dump you the morning afterwards. And then, Uziel and Pickering spent a few weeks putting in as much funny stuff as they could, in every scene. Elizabeth Banks Returning to Direct. There are many practical prosthetics with vampires tearing each other apart and rotting faces. For example, the character that Denis Leary plays was written to be Don Johnson, and the cancellation of Nash Bridges is what kicked everything off. It was a day shoot with a low budget.

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It was a day shoot with a low budget.

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Vanessa Hudgens, Mackenzie Davis - Freaks of Nature

Petra played by Mackenzie Davis is an outcast in high school who runs with a goth crowd. During roundtables on set, actors Nicholas Braun who plays human DagMackenzie Davis who plays vampire Petra and Josh Fadem who plays zombie Nedalong with director Robbie Pickeringwriter Oren Uziel and producer Matt Tolmach talked about what makes Dillford a town where vampires, zombies and human live together, even though they despise each other. The movie was shot on such a condensed schedule that the actors were busy every second of the days that they were on set. But, they were happy to have each other to go through it with. He wants to be the hero guy, but immediately blows it and has to confront the apocalyptic attack on Dillford. Every time he eats brains, he gets super stoned and high.

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