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This guy has a big problem. You cant say this chick is doing her best, she is hot, she is tempting, she jerks, she sucks and still his dick wont grow. If she did all that stuff to This is what they call a once in a lifetime happening, some have the luck, others dont. But not for this guy, his ugl This guy is pretty special whe it comes to ejaculating.

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Having a girl like this playing with your penis is asking for one of these things, a premature ejaculation, a massive cumshot or multiple orgasms in short time.

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But not for this guy, his ugl An ejaculation produced within 1 minute is classified as premature, so we have another winner, this lad does it in 50 seconds. And when you do find them its We are dealing with a young virgin guy here getting his very first blowjob in a car from a nice hooker. The guy getting a blowjob is the tourguide of a jetski event with some tourists. Normally a guy experiences a


  • Hudson 27 days ago

    Totally agree, buddy.

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    I love her. Especially barefoot and butt naked. Sexy toes. I wouldn't pull out. I'd fill her up daily. Would love to suck her sexy toes.,

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    Description is a bit misleading."Well- hung Bull" eh? Dude looked like he could barely get a hard on. And he wasn't hung. He pounded her muffin thoroughly though.Only reason this happens is if the guy is rock hard to the point the sensitivity is low. Or he is working a semi limp erection in which you can fuck a bitch that hard for a good 30 minutes to an hour without busting a nut. Nice ass on the the girl though.